Episode 006 – Feminism

Well it’s been a while. This episode was recorded back on 17th March, so it’s a month now. Finding time to record and edit an episode is proving difficult with work commitments. But we are setting time aside to work on more skits and episodes. I hope you stick around because its starting to feel more natural now and things are coming together. Sorry to anyone that takes this episode seriously. Its only entertainment!

My first bog post

Hello, its Dave of the Steve and Dave podcast empire fame. I’m the guy on the left if your facing us whilst listening and on the right if your sitting on our side whilst you listen.

Right now, im sitting on the bog, as described in the title. This will be the first of a few posts from the bog. Seems like a strange way to do it. but I’m down with the kids.

We’ve been crazy busy since embarking on this little SADWIP adventure. From the outside it may seem nothing much has been done since the day we decided to try this thing. From the decision to do something on a Saturday night in October 2017 when I was dressed as Jesus and Steve was dressed as the devil, we sat on a bench and discussed how we both yearned to create something, but couldn’t seem to find an exact path. We discussed the idea of writing sessions and perhaps going on to do something like standup or script writing.

6 months after the Halloween party, that’s right, we weren’t just sitting on a random bench in fucking fancy dress. Ye of very little faith, we do that on Thursdays! Anyway, 6 months and many costumes later, we decided a way to understand would be to perform. And so, a very loose bases of a podcast was born. We would talk openly and see what came out.

When we started, as you will hear, not much happens. In the middle I think it gets better, but even though we laugh, I’m not sure its funny, sure there are laughs but I don’t think its workable comedy yet.

Let me fill you in. so we have a name… a loose direction… an idea! But we (steve and dave) are amateur, we’re learning on the job. Which is exciting, but also very daunting as we are putting material out with no real… direction… no USP, unique selling point, oh yeah, I’m learning the lingo. But we are getting content first and slowly learning production and writing techniques, to figure out how its done!…

The site is running, you’re reading it right? Steve can bore the tits off of you with the technical stuff if you really like. The social media is up. We need to start tweeting some jokes and see if that gets trending. What I am saying is, we have the infrastructure and wherewithal to put content out.

And this is where I hit a little crisis, as I type we have 4 recorded podcasts and one awaiting the edit. Do we Steve? It’s been a week mate, pull your finger out! I have learnt something with each recording, about myself… about podcasts and dipping into writing. But how do I turn this into something? A script? A monologue?

Everything we have done so far i.e. the finished podcast episodes have not had much thought, research, writing or editing applied to them. Basically recorded chats. Each has progressed a little and we are carrying the lessons on to the next. But very relaxed just turn up chat a little then record and everything is freestyle. Top of my head ya’ll!

We also recorded a fun advert about bees. We have a couple more adverts written and ready to record. We want to create more fake adverts and stings to break the talking up a bit. A sort of sketch podcast! ‘Sketchcast’. I think this will be really good. We also had a great chat in the pub about introducing segments into the ‘cast. I think these will work well as we were laughing as we ran through hypotheticals.

The last episode we recorded has stepped up another gear and we actually wrote an intro which opens another can of worms as now we are venturing into performing which is again something that neither of us has done before. Listening back we both aren’t keen on our voices but this is something I’ve heard comedians saying loads before. I mean, if Josh Widdicombe can do it with those dulcet tones and Jimmy Carr with ‘that laugh’. Hey surely there’s hope. I guess the difference being those guys are fucking funny and great writers. I’m just going to practice my silly laugh some more.

As for the nerves, fuck ’em. We’re here to have fun. I hope you enjoy the content as it’s only getting better. Please comment and let us know if it’s any good or a disaster. Or maybe you’d just like to give me tips on my ridiculous laughing technique.

all the best, Dave… putting the D in podcast and putting a 2 in the pan. I like this bog posting, I can see why it’s so popular now.

Stick with us, its going to be great.