Episode 004 – Marathons

Well that’s the 4th episode in the bag. We had a great chat about Marathons in the build up to the London Marathon that was running past the flat the following day. Join us for jokes, banter and skits aplenty. Technically it’s much better quality, I’ll create a blog to explain the audacity changes, I’m also pleased with the production; trimming dead air and nonsensical chats that spiralled. Let us know what you think by commenting in the blog or on iTunes: www.sadwip.com


Episode 003 – Street Food

Join us in the 3rd episode, we’re proud of this one. We interview Jordan, who is working on his start up selling street food in Eindhoven in the  Netherlands. He’s also used his talents to add a few guitar chords that we are adding music to help the episode to spice things up a little. We’re also getting to grips with more techniques like cutting dead air, trimming boring conversation and of course adding skits. Well, that’s 3 in the bag. Please come over to our page and offer feedback or work with us on future episodes. www.sadwip.com


Episode 002 – Traffic

Well, we come to episode 2 and we nearly didn’t upload this. I think lesson learned here is to keep it to a punchy 40 minutes at most or split the episode. With Episode 3 in the bag I didn’t want to mess with the numbers at this stage. So I’ve done some very light noise reduction and we will leave editing content to a later episode. Join Steve and Dave in this episode where they talk about one of their oldest pet peeves, Traffic. Are you a fellow podcaster or a fan of the medium? We welcome feedback from everyone and hope likeminded people can share opinions, tips and advice on podcasting. Go to http://sadwip.com to comment on the episode.